Filmmaking Tips for Camera Assistants

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Do you want to receive unique and practical industry advice to become a better filmmaker?

Whether you want to direct movies or work on the crew that makes them, The Black and Blue provides tips to help you look like a pro on set and is devoted to delivering useful knowledge about what it’s really like to make a movie.

The Black and Blue is all about helping you:

  • Become a better filmmaker
  • Learn how to act professional on set
  • Find more film work
  • Survive the industry

Perhaps more importantly, The Black and Blue is:

  • NOT a blog about the latest gear
  • NOT a Hollywood news site
  • NOT compromising about the realities of filmmaking

It was named #1 in “Best 50 Camera Blogs” and has been praised as “both informative and entertaining,” and “a really good resource for assistants.”

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About Evan Luzi

The Black and Blue was founded and is run by Evan Luzi, a camera assistant who strives to spread his passion to those who wish to become better at the craft.

The idea came about as Evan was first starting out in the film industry trying to research about camera assisting, but only coming across meager results or massive forum posts that were hard to scour.

Thus, The Black and Blue found its niche as a site for camera assistants and written by one.

Evan first got his start in the camera department as 2nd Assistant Camera on a low-budget film named “Ghosts Don’t Exist.” Since then he has gone to work on features like Below the Beltway and Red Herring and has gotten a chance to work with some of the more advanced cameras in the field, like the Arri Alexa.

Evan prefers to work fast, under pressure, and acknowledges that he wears a fanny pack for his job.

You can connect with him on Twitter (@evanluzi) or on Google Plus (+Evan Luzi).


“Nice blog, guys! You’ve got some interesting stuff here.”
– Doug Hart, 1st Assistant Camera and author of The Camera Assistant

“A terrific blog created by an AC for ACs and filmmakers.”

“…a good resource for any film student who wants to learn more about the camera department, or ex-students trying to break into the professional ranks of the Industry.”
– Michael Taylor, Hollywood Juicer

“The Black and Blue is a tasteful, useful and smart blog, which lends new appreciation to the finer points of the cameraman’s craft.”
– Raindance Film Festival’s 5 Film Bloggers to Follow 

“If you’re not familiar with the awesomeness that is Evan’s blog, you need to get your ass over to The Black and Blue.”
– Michelle, It’s a 1st AD Thing

“The Black and Blue is a must read blog.”
Vision Wrangler

“If you’re a camera assistant and you don’t follow Evan’s blog, correct that problem today.”
Sam Winzar 


The Black and Blue has received press from ARRI, Kodak, FreshDV, Indiewire, NoFilmSchool, and The RC Podcast at Fxguide