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Digital Cinema Pocket Guides Updated with 5 New Cameras and Hi-Res Graphics

You want to make sure you know what you’re doing when you use a camera. Or, at least, you want to have essential info about the camera you’re using in case something goes wrong. The digital cinema pocket guides that I launched last month help you do just that. And today I've unleashed a major update to them that you don't want to miss

You want to make sure you know what you’re doing when you use a camera. Or, at least, you want to have essential info about the camera you’re using in case something goes wrong.

The digital cinema pocket guides that I launched last month help you do just that. And today I’ve unleashed a major update to them that you don’t want to miss:

Download the Updated Pocket Guides Here

Note: If you previously downloaded the guides, you should’ve received an email with an updated download link. You don’t need to re-download the guides from the page above.

This was another massive update for the pocket guides. Curious what’s new? I’d love to tell you…

So What’s New in This Update?

A lot, actually. There isn’t one pocket guide that wasn’t changed in some way. The initial launch of the pocket guides was a major undertaking and I’ve received amazing feedback on them.

But I didn’t want to slow down. This new update adds features I simply didn’t have time to do initially or that were requested by you after the launch. Let’s break down what’s new:

Five Additional Cameras

GH2, Nikon D600, Nikon D800, GoPro Hero3, Ikonoskop A-Cam dII

The most obvious addition are the new cameras included:

  1. Panasonic GH2
  2. Nikon D600
  3. Nikon D800
  4. GoPro Hero 3 (Black Edition)
  5. Ikonoskop A-cam dII

Several of these new cameras were requested by you and, based on your feedback, I’m pleased to add them to the group — bringing the total number of pocket guides to a whopping 25!

High-Resolution, Vector Graphics

High Resolution Vector Graphics on Digital Cinema Pocket Guides

One big change from the original pocket guides to the new pocket guides was the fresh, bold design. Now the pocket guides look even better with new high-resolution, vector graphics.

For those who aren’t aware, vector graphics allow you to zoom infinitely into an image without it getting blurry or pixelated (learn more about vector graphics here). This means the pocket guides will look crisp on any device, at any resolution, regardless of how zoomed in you are.

Need to punch in closer to read a chart? No problem. Want to resize the guides for larger printing? Easy to do. Have a retina display smartphone or tablet? They’ll look perfect.

The pocket guides’ design scales awesomely, looks beautiful, and is much easier to read.

New Layout Designed for Tablets

New Layout Designed for Tablets

One of the challenges the pocket guides present is designing them for all situations — print & paper, tablet, and smartphones. In the last update, the full-size guides were made to be printed out and folded up. Because of that, the various sections faced each other so, when folded, they would read in the same direction.

Well, that proved to be difficult for tablet users: whenever you flipped the tablet to read the bottom sections, it would auto-correct for orientation. A screen-lock was the only (cumbersome) solution.

Now there’s a layout with all sections facing the same way that’s perfect for large tablets.

Additional Improvements

Among the major upgrades, several cameras were brought up-to-date with new firmware, a few minor inaccuracies and typos were fixed, and a couple guides had sections shifted around to improve flow and consistency.

How You Can Get the Digital Cinema Pocket Guides

For those of you who have already downloaded the pocket guides, this is a free update as promised. Check your email inbox for a message from me with an updated link. (If you don’t see it in your inbox, make sure to look in your spam/junk folder.)

Don’t already have the pocket guides? No problem — go here to get your instant download:

Learn more about the digital cinema pocket guides here

  • Kiane

    Thanks for the update, Evan!

    I was wondering if in future updates, you can group together all the mobile-formatted pdfs into one folder so that it’s easier to send over to iTunes!

    • Evan

      Thanks Kiane! I thought about grouping them together but wasn’t sure what the best option was.

      Maybe I can open it up to others reading: what’s better — to have the mobile/full-size guides grouped by camera or by type?

      • Kiane

        Well you know my vote!

  • David

    No 60D, disappointed.

    • Evan

      I’m sorry you’re disappointed that I added 5 new cameras in a free update (to a bundle that is available free in the first place) and one of them wasn’t the camera you wanted.

      But I have to ask: did you take the time to reach out to me requesting the 60D or mentioning that you might want to see it? Because every single one of the new cameras I added was a direct result of somebody giving me feedback or saying how they’d like to have that camera. I listened to them.

      I don’t have the time nor the resources to guess what cameras would be useful to people. I have to base it off my own experience and perceptions of what’s in demand — and I didn’t see or hear a strong voice for the 60D.

      To put it simply: I work really hard on these pocket guides and, while I appreciate feedback, I wish you would tell me what would make you like the pocket guides so I can work towards that before you rule them a disappointment.

      • Tormod Undheim

        You tell him, Evan!
        Thank you so much for taking your private time to make all this stuff available for everyone. You have every right to be snarky with people like David that doesn’t know that he could get everything served on a silver platter, if only he asked. Great blog, and a lot of fun stories that I feel stragely familiar with. ;) :P

        Cold bro-hugs from Norway!

        • Evan


          Thanks Tormod! I was a little snarky, wasn’t I? Just want people to give me the chance to give em what they want before they get annoyed about it.

          I’m glad you like the pocket guides and the website. I appreciate the kind words!

      • Juan Diaz De Lindo

        Well, I’m appointed. An impossibly quantifiable thanks from the rest of us.

        • Evan

          Thanks Juan :)