Natalie Portman Thanks Camera Operators in Best Actress Oscar Speech

Last night at the 83rd Academy Awards, Natalie Portman gave one of the more sincere speeches after winning Best Actress. In that speech she took the time to thank the camera operators of Black Swan among the usual "Thank You's." That kind of recognition is rare for below the line crew members and was a classy move on her part.

Embedded is a link to the YouTube video of her speech from the award ceremony. The part where Portman starts to thank the crew members is around 5:45.

Transcript of that part of the speech:

There are people on films that no one ever talks about that are your heart and soul everyday: Margie and Geordie who did my hair and makeup,  Nicci who dressed me and Kate and Laura Mulleavy who designed the beautiful ballet costumes. Joe Reidy, our incredible A.D. — first A.D. — and our camera operators, JC and Steve, you gave me so much soul behind the camera everyday, you gave me all of your energy […]

I found it admirable that she took the time to not only address the crew of the film, but to mention them by name, even if it was only briefly. Most people who watch the Oscars don’t realize all of the crew that contribute to the films that end up on the silver screen.

Wally Pfister, who won Best Cinematography for Inception despite trailing in betting odds, also took the time to thank many of his key crew on the backstage “Thank You” cam.

Unfortunately the video is no longer available, so here is a transcript of Wally Pfister’s “Thank You” cam appearance:

What’s up thank you cam? I’d like to say “thank you” to, specifically, my wonderful crew: My gaffer Cory Geryak, my camera assistant Bob Hall, my key grip Ray Garcia, my key grip in England Ryan Monro. To my mom and dad, my three crazy sisters. Umm…I…Man. (Pause) To union members all over the country and all over the world, were gonna continue to fight the battles to make sure were allowed to make a decent wage and have healthcare. And so for the brothers in Wisconsin, keep up the good fight.

Pfister is a class act and I would expect him to acknowledge the hard work of his crew, but it is also refreshing to see an actress like Portman show her appreciation too. She must’ve learned well from Michael Caine.

  • Surimi143

    That was the most sincere speech I’ve ever heard. These are the great and fantastic people behind those cameras that contributed the most in a success of a particular film.
    I love Natalie Portman even from here Star Wars movies.
    KUDOS to the people behind the cams!

    • Evan

      Thanks for the kudos! I think it was a very sincere speech as well and I’m sure those people whose names she mentioned will forever be appreciative of that. Natalie Portman not only deserved the Oscar, but proved she could handle the win with class.

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    What an amazing statement. I mean, she went into DETAIL and it’s great to see actors (of any caliber, but especially of her caliber) take into consideration the people who largely go unnoticed. This is one of the few times I have no regret latching myself to that label.