Ridley Scott Shooting Science Fiction Project on RED Epics

Add director Ridley Scott and cinematographer Dariusz Wolski, ASC to the short list that's getting longer of filmmakers choosing the RED Epic for their productions.

Weeks after Peter Jackson and The Hobbit and Marc Webb’s Spiderman reboot were discovered to be shooting on Epic, CEO of RED Jim Jannard has announced Scott and Wolski will be gearing up with a pair of Epics for a 3D science fiction film. Statement from Jannard himself after the jump.

Here’s what Jim Jannard had to say in his announcement over at REDuser.net:

Ridley Scott’s upcoming Science Fiction film, which begins principal photography this spring, will be shot on EPIC.

From Dariusz Wolski ASC:

“In my opinion, the new Red Epic camera is about to revolutionize all spectrums of the film industry.

I am going to use Epics in my new project directed by Ridley Scott. I am amazed with the quality of the image and the fact that you can shoot 5k at 120fps without compromising resolution, and most of all the size of the camera.

Combined with the Element Technica Atom 3d rig, we will be able to shoot a 3d movie with the flexibility of a conventional cinema camera.

I don’t see anything that comes close to it at the moment. I can’t even imagine the potential Epic will have on the big blockbuster industry as well as independent cinema.”

Well then…


It has been a great month for RED with the slew of announcements and productions shooting on their cameras. If you’re a RED fan, there’s certainly a lot to look forward to in 2011.