Arri Alexa Tree Structure Menu and UI Maps

Arri Alexa Tree Structure Menu and UI Maps (UPDATED: 2.0 Maps + Manual)

With the advent of digital cinema filmmaking there is also the advent of sometimes daunting and endless menu structures in the cameras designed for the revolution. Although RED supplies it's own map to navigate these mazes of user interface, the Alexa (probably because it's new) does not provide it's own. Luckily, somebody over at has put together one.

UPDATED: I have included the 2.0 software update maps along with the 1.0 maps. I also wish to correct that while I found the maps at thefilmbook, they are actually supplied by Arri.

Though the Alexa’s manual is actually very simple and easy to understand, having a quick reference menu map on a new camera can be vital to save some time on set. At, the authors have created two PDF’s for software version 1.0: one for the Alexa’s “Menu” button and the other (UI map) for the rest of the buttons on the dumb side of the camera.

1.0 “Menu” Button Map – Download
1.0 UI Map – Download

2.0 “Menu” Map – Download
2.0 UI Map – Download
2.0 Alexa Manual – Download

I’ll be shooting with the Alexa this weekend and already have mine printed out and ready to go.