Reverse Angle: Camera Operators in the Movies (Video)

The Society of Camera Operators and editor Bob Joyce teamed together to create a great little montage of camera operators throughout Hollywood films.

What makes this neat is that it isn’t a behind-the-scenes video, but a collection of Hollywood films that feature a character poised behind a camera. Even the first AC’s get a little bit of love here with a few close-ups of focus pulls!

I clicked on this video somewhat skeptically as I’m usually disappointed by the portrayal of film crews in movies. This montage, however, is true to the nature of the job and really fun to watch.

I love at the climax of the song when the cameras start getting destroyed to the line “…till the day I die!” Now if only someone could make something like this, but the focus be on craft services instead — that’s where the real magic happens.

Thanks to @jasoncuddy and @Stephen_Murphy for bringing this to my attention